Day-Mer condemns the terror attack in Germany

A statement condemning the attack which took place in Germany last week shared targeted at Turkish labours was shared by Day-Mer saying: “Germany was once again hit by a racist massacre. On Wednesday night, 9 people, mostly young immigrants, died in an armed attack on hookah cafes in two separate districts in Hanau, Hessen province. Many people were injured.

As DAY-MER, we firstly express our condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in this low attack, and we wish urgent healing to the wounded.

When the security units and press information are examined, it is understood that the massacre was committed due to xenophobic, racist-fascist views. Likewise, the letter and video image left to confirm this.

Unfortunately, such a massacre was committed by racist-fascists in a country like Germany, which is not surprising for immigrants living in England because the racist fascist parties and movements that have been developing and getting stronger all over Europe, including England, were also expressed in reports prepared by the intelligence units that they were getting armed and prepared to do such massacres. The attacks against synagogues and mosques, as well as the murder of Kassel governor Walter Lübcke last year, showed this.”

Adding: “At DAY-Mer, wherever they are immigrants in Turkey living in the UK with British labourers, the youth, racism along with the women, xenophobia, shoulder to shoulder against Neonazis… We urge racist-fascist organizations of European governments to urgently ban propaganda that hates immigrants.”

Calling for unity they said: “ Let’s join the march across Europe on Saturday, March 21, against racist-fascist organizations and the governments implementing policies that help them find a habitat, and take part in our work as DAY-MER for the preparations for the march.”

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