Turkish scientist awarded £1 million for research funds

TURKISH scientist Dr Ahu Gümrah Dumanlı Parry was awarded £ 1 million for research funds. With her team, the Turkish academician develops multifunctional materials inspired by nature.

Dr Parry is a faculty member at Manchester University. According to the news of Zeynep Eryilmaz from TRT News, the Turkish academician was awarded one of Britain’s most prestigious research fund worth 1 million pounds. Together with her team, she will develop materials that can be used in different fields such as smart materials, sensors, biomedical implants.

Speaking to TRT Dr Parry said:  “Our inspiration from nature comes from butterflies and insects, we have seen that nature optimizes these structures in a very beautiful way. We produce nano particles with shrimp shells and make them into packaging materials. ”

Saying that they have developed diagnostic systems, the Turkish academician said, “It is only possible to make diagnostic systems that can be over colour change and something that anyone who can print on this stamp and have colour vision can do.”

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