KTGBI organising ‘Unity and Solidarity’ Ball

THE Turkish Cypriot Youth Association (KTGBİ) which was formed on October 21, 2018, with the mission of unity young people coming from Cyprus to grow and student and live in England and the young members of the Turkish Cypriot community here to protect the Turkish Cypriot identity, is organising a ‘Unity and Solidarity’ Ball on Friday, 13 March.

It has been announced that tickets for the ‘Unity and Solidarity’ Ball, which is the main sponsor of Cyprus Paradise, are on sale now.

The statement made by KTGBİ is as follows: “We invite all our people to this meaningful night to bring together young people and adults in England and have fun together and share beautiful moments together in unity and solidarity.

“After many years, young people in England are trying to protect their identity and culture in order to fight against the assimilation process. As KTGBİ, we carry out studies in different fields to reinforce the sense of belonging of our young people and we achieve this with your support.

As the KTGBİ, on March 13, Friday, 2020, we invite our people, non-governmental organisations and business people living in England to our “Unity and Solidarity”  ball. We grow with your support, you are the ones who add strength… A good future will come with young people! ”

Well known artist in the community such as Erdoğan Baca, Devrim Baca will be performing and the famous popstar Eylem will take the stage and special guests will come from Cyprus.

Taking place on Friday, March 13, at 2020 in the Grand Palace Banqueting Suite, for more information you can contact Nafiya Horozoğlu 07594507041 and İsmayil İbrahim 07832913868

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