Tsunami warning after huge 7.7-magnitude tremor strikes in the Caribbean

A tsunami warning has been issued after a powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck south of Cuba and north-west of Jamaica.

The US Tsunami Warning Centres issued a tsunami warning for Jamaica, Cuba and the Cayman Islands after the earthquake, initially recorded as magnitude 7.3, struck on Tuesday.

The US Geological Survey said it was centred 117km (73 miles) north-west of Lucea.

It was not immediately clear if there are damage or injuries.

It struck at a depth of around six miles, which means the range of its impact is likely to be limited.

The International Tsunami Information Centre said: “Hazardous tsunami waves from this earthquake are possible within 300 km (186 miles) of the epicenter along the coasts of Jamaica… Cayman Islands and Cuba.”The disaster management agency for the Cayman Islands government on Twitter urged people to move away from coastal areas and said that those in low-lying areas should “evacuate vertically” in strong multi-story buildings.

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