Protest planed ahead of Kudret Özersay talk at “Cyprus: Status Quo or Anew?” conference

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’s (TNRC) Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay,  is in London holding a number of meeting and conferences.

Speaking in the House of Lords

Lord Maginnis, Lord Kilclooney, Lord Sharkey, Lady Butterworth, Baroness Hooper, MP Andrew Rosindell attended the session chaired by Lord Northbrook. Many diplomats also followed the meeting. Özersay spoke at the meeting regarding the development of a commercial relationship with Northern Cyprus after the UK’s exit from the European Union (Brexit).

Özersay stated that as the Turkish Cypriot will be able to trade with this country again and sell its products after the UK’s exit from the EU, he stated that there are some opportunities in this regard and said that they could use these opportunities by working together.

Emphasising the importance of Britain’s trade relations with Turkish Cypriots for the Turkish Cypriot people, Özersay also answered questions about the hydrocarbon, transportation, energy, halloumi and Cyprus negotiation process.

Stating that Turkish Cypriots are the co-owners of the natural resources around the island and they claim their rights, Özersay said that cooperation can be developed in this regard. Saying:  “The Yavuz ship is working for us where we license it. Not for Turkey. It is the Turkish Cypriots who co-own these resources. What the Greek Cypriots are doing, we are doing the same. In the field, we provide our undergraduate, studies conducted on our behalf by Yavuz ship…  TPAO is a company and it conducts research on our behalf with the licenses we have given, as well as the agreements signed with foreign companies by the Greeks. ”

Kudret Özersay pointed out that the current conditions in Cyprus are not suitable for a federal partnership, therefore, a collaboration between the two parties on a limited number of issues and new and creative ideas should be put forward to establish a different partnership. Saying:  “Federal partnership is a partnership model based on sharing. However, the Greek Cypriot side is not ready to share management and wealth with us. Therefore, negotiations should focus on collaborative partnership models, not sharing. It is a fact that there are actually two states on the island today. Without ignoring this, it is inevitable that we will start to cooperate on various issues by considering this fact. The European Union is a partnership established on such logic by cooperating on coal and steel. Similarly, a more realistic partnership can be established with a gradual and universal approach…”

Speaking at  “Cyprus: Status Quo or Anew?” conference

Özersay will be speaking at a conference titled, ‘Cyprus: Status Quo or Anew?’, which will be looking at the recent developments in Cyprus and the Mediterranean region, the conference will be taking place tonight at King’s College London (KCL) and is hosted by KCL Turkish Society.

Protests over the conference 

The university’s Greek and Greek  Cypriot society’s have both initiated a campaign call to cancel the conference. Describing that Ozersay’s use of the “Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” as unacceptable, the group called on all Greek and Greek students to request the cancellation of the activity by sending a letter to the KCL administration. The Greek and Greek Cypriot society’s, who were unable to cancel the event, have stated that they will be protesting outside the front of the university building before the event.

Its emerged that a letter calling for the cancellation of the event was also sent but the High Commission of Cyprus in London to KCL. Nevertheless, it was noted that the KCL administration did not take a step back and would give Özersay the opportunity to speak in his own capacity, namely, “TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister”.

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