Journalist Faruk Eskioğlu held cocktail and book launch event at Day-Mer

Journalist Faruk Eskioğlu signed his three-part book titles titled “The community from Turkey and North Cyprus in the UK” (Londra’da Bizim Kilker) at the North London Community Center (Day-Mer).

Nearly 150 people participants attended the cocktail and book signing held last Saturday evening.

Aydın Çubukçu said: “Faruk should be thanked for bringing us here. Because I guess this is one of the rare meetings in London. ”

“The work done by Faruk is a kind of historiography. But the historian often imprisons himself in documents. It offers us a bird’s eye view of society by bringing together the general and essential points. What we call world history or the history of countries consists of maps made up of these top hills. On the other hand, maps show the mountains, rivers and cities as a point, but we cannot see what is inside.”

Çubukçu continued as follows: “People’s lives, streets, people living on the streets, lovers and fighters do not usually take place in history as individuals.

“Faruk started a little bit backwards. Moving from individuals, it reveals a social history. It seems very important to me both in this method and in understanding. A total formed from the lives of individuals. Each individual has different professions. Each of them has different ideologies, worldviews and lifestyles. A history of society made up of people’s totals. This effort undoubtedly requires examining individual people and making them talk about the lives of individual people, but if you do not know the nature of the person you are talking about, you will not have a date if you do not foresee what aggregate the questions you will ask and the answers you will receive from it. The work done by Faruk is very important to me in this regard. Seeing the organism from the sum of the cells is different, looking at the organism from the outside is different. If we look at it in medical language, the cell is important here. The cell forms individuals here, and I consider Faruk’s work to be extremely valuable in terms of the history of society created through individuals. In the future, researchers who want to obtain such a section of London will definitely benefit from these books. Making history by writing history is united in the person of Faruk, he did not just write, he joined it as part of that history. We know that your own life is a continuation and part of the life of these individuals. Therefore, it is an extremely valuable work in terms of a history written while living through it… ”

Professor Dr İbrahim Sirkeci stated that Eskioğlu suggested that he make a doctorate when he came to the beginning of the project and said:

“We know how the book was produced. A tremendous effort, a tremendous effort… Maybe it was good not to do a doctor, or we would have spent most of the stories in the academic filter in the book. We congratulate him. A very meaningful and valuable work, Faruk says he completed it in 8 years, but there are a collection and a huge archive work going back more than 8 years. Although our other friends are not of this nature, I know they are doing similar works. This is an important start. Maybe Faruk will pave the way for such an industry. ”

Emphasizing that immigration has movements within itself. Dr Sirkeci, that the nature of the issue of immigration from Turkey and much has changed in the last 3 years, he said the number of exceeds 40 thousand came to England from the Ankara Agreement.

Eskioğlu also stated that the lawyer Muhammet Çankıran, who worked in “The community from Turkey and North Cyprus in the UK” and worked as a legal advisor, could not come to the night and received great applause.

Thanking those who support the books and the night, Eskioğlu said, “At the end of this tiring work, I took the x-ray of the society. Organs of society, good bad cells, rotting sides will be seen in this book. I wish scientists and politicians to interpret this x-ray and give direction to the society for the good, the beautiful and the green. I hope the researchers will be a serious source as well. Also, with this study, it will become more visible in the country where we live in the community. ”

Nick Diamond with his guitar and Rasim Yağız İlhan on the piano also enlivened the night.

Eskioğlu announced on February 1he will be holding a third book launch event and panel at 628-630 Green Lanes,  London N8 0SD and detailed information about the book can be obtained from

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