TRNC Minister of Education Çavuşoğlu was in London

THE Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)’s Minister of National Education and Culture Nazım Çavuşoğlu “We had started discussing these methods in the 90s and had launched our programmes. It seems that the gap has grown. Yet it is still possible to introduce these to our country. We’ve seen here what needs to be done,” he said.was in London

As part of his contacts, Çavuşoğlu visited the Education Show 2020 visited many Turkish stands and received information and visited the Turkish language and culture schools in London at the giant fair, which is considered as one of the most serious fairs in education in the world, attended by 800 companies from 146 countries.

The minister also met with the representatives of the British Cypriot Turkish Associations Council, the Education Consortium, the British Football Federation of England, the Turkish Cypriot Community Center and 11 teachers from Cyprus.

On the first day of his visit, Minister Nazım Çavuşoğlu answered the questions at a press meeting, saying: “What can we take to our country, what we are missing, what we have seen in the world, and the vision we have seen,” he said.

Reminding that they came to London when they were the Minister of Education and Sports in 2010 and he found many deficiencies, sent thousands of reading books, the Minister stated where they saw the world going in this direction at the education technologies fair and they will carry innovations from here to Cyprus.

“I came to such a fair for the first time as the TRNCMinister of National Education and Culture in London. 800 companies from 146 countries are participating in this field. These companies shape the education of the world. Communicating with these companies, seeing the technological developments and tools related to their training has added vision to our vision. ”

“The main issue in the negotiations at the fair was to use the curriculum electronically. We are currently in a great effort to use electronic information network in Cyprus and to be able to do full-time education interactively. We met with a team at METU a few months ago. Here, coding and robotic productions were the leading systems that affected us the most. Coding is a trend system in the world recently. It shapes the future of the world. We started to buy some programs and printers for our Ministry. It was in our vision, but seeing how high the dosage was in the world was important in terms of showing how accurate we did. It was important in terms of seeing that we needed to speed up. It was precious to show where the world was heading. In fact, our face is on the right side, we are slow to take the steps. We have seen this and are very happy to see that we need to do it quickly. The fair contributed greatly. From now on, we will follow this fair with an even more technical team every year. I am the first TRNC MEB. ”

Coding will cover all ages. While it is mostly seen in secondary education, we have found educational programs at very low ages from the age of 3, at the point of teaching a foreign language, at the electronic coding point, with games. We observed many programs designed with the game. Their return will be our return. I will invite some of them to Cyprus. We will also ask for help with the training of trainers. Movies and games produced here all over the world about foreign language education were very effective. We know coding, but this fair showed us how to reduce the coding we see in secondary education to a much lower age. We have seen how far the world has gone and ergonomic designs have been made even with the table used by children in education and teaching instruments.”

Some movies and games produced for the whole world about foreign language education were very impressive. The needs are changing and changing every day. We are in this effort and we need to constantly evaluate the fairs in order not to fall behind. One of the oldest, leading in the world here. ”

On Saturday Çavuşoğlu visited a number of Turkish schools across London and on Sunday flew back to North Cyprus ending his 3-day visit.

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