Hidden Island Documentary met with the audience

The Hidden Island Documentary, which focuses on Northern Cyprus, the richest region in Cyprus, in terms of history, culture and nature, met with the audience in London.

Cyprus, which dates back to 10,000 BC, is an island that should be seen and known not only with its sea, sand and sun but also with its many historical textures and cultural values. The Hidden Island documentary was made with these values ​​in mind and offers a trip to Northern Cyprus with expert guides.

“Journey to North Cyprus”, the first part of the documentary, which consists of three parts, takes 40 minutes. The first episode of the unique documentary, produced and directed by Hasan Doğan, met with our community members in Haringey.

Hasan Doğan, producer and director of the documentary, said that they were satisfied with the trilogy that they came up with and that they were rewarded for their efforts.

Doğan said, “In this journey, we take, while the story of the unknown values ​​of Cyprus is examined, on the other hand, the values ​​of Cyprus that we know but perhaps are not aware of are included in this documentary. The main ones are Nicosia, Büyük Han, Selimiye Mosque, Girne Castle, St. Barnabas Monastery, Karmi Village and Ozan Village. In addition, the village of Kormacit, where Maronites, a different ethnic structure other than Turks and Greeks live in Cyprus, emerges as an important story. ”

The announcement will be made in the following days for the documentary, which is planned to be screened in South London and in different parts of the United Kingdom, after North London.

For documentary screening and sponsorship, you can get detailed information from Hasan Doğan by calling 07939218356.

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