Aysın Yılmaz took her final journey

Aysın Yılmaz, took her final journey and was laid to rest after she lost her battle to cancer on January 8th.

Her family and friends attended the funeral ceremony held today (16 January) at Palmers Green Mosque in North London. Dozens of people attended the ceremony, filling the room.

After the noon prayer, the funeral prayer was made for Yilmaz, following to ceremony she was taken to Lavender Hill Cemetery in Enfield, where she was laid to rest.

Aysın Yılmaz, who has been the president of the Turkish Women’s Aid Association and the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations of England for many years, is known for her positive approach towards people.

Originally from Cyprus Famagusta and living in England since the age of 6, Yılmaz is known and loved by members of the community.


Aysın Yilmaz family and will accept condolences this evening (Thursday, January 16) at 17.30, Darji Pavilion, 26 Oakthorpe Road, Palmers Green, N13 5JL address, everyone was invited to the mansion.

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