The “One Wish Is Not Enough” Project in London

THE winner of the Global Teacher Prize, Dilek Livaneli has made hundreds of live mentoring teachers. The teacher showed the way to represent Turkey. Every year she represented Turkey 3 years in a row at the World Education Symposium held in Dubai.

With “One Wish Is Not Enough” Project (Bir Dilek Yetmez), she was included in UNESCO’s list of exceptional teacher education and was nominated for Hamdan Bin Raşit El Makdum Awards. The “One Wish Not Enough ”movement, which has been going on for four years, has provided resources for tens of village school students by providing social aid campaigns and activities in order to reach the target of 81 provinces. It is actively included in the World Teacher Status Index.

In January 2019, she was invited to the European Parliament as the official speaker and on March 8, International Women’s Day. Dilek Teacher’s biography, professional life and dedication to education were shot as documentary films and are currently a two-year scholarship student in London. Dilek Livaneli developed a Turkish Language Support Program for Turkish children living abroad and established a drama workshop bearing her name in London.

Livaneli’s motivation for prospective teachers with all the income of the ticketed event which will take place on Friday, January 17, 2020 at 19 Pentagonville Rd, The Angel, N1 9LA, with the contributions of the Ataturk Society of UK. “One Wish Is Not Enough içeren project including training and live mentoring will be supported. Dilek Teacher who targets 81 provinces all over the country to implement her project has completed 14 provinces for now.

“Make a Wish Is Not Enough” movement has reached into more than ten thousand teachers in implementing the wishes Livaneli start the last 4 years in Turkey. In addition, the project was nominated for the Unesco’s Hamdan Bin Rashid El Makdum Awards in the category of top quality teacher training programs. Tickets are available on the Eventbrite page,

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