Some flights cancelled by Atlas Global

SOME flights of Atlas Global Airlines were cancelled due to tariff changes. Atlas Global completely stopped flights in November last year due to economic difficulties and a month later resumed its flights.

No official statement has been made but all international tickets sales available on Atlas Global’s website have been removed. In the information message sent to customers, it was emphasized that the flight was cancelled due to tariff change, the message “Your ticket has been cancelled due to tariff change.

Cancelled flights between 10 January Antalya-Istanbul, 11 January Bodrum-Istanbul, 13 January Istanbul-Amsterdam, 18 January Amsterdam-Istanbul, 17 January Istanbul-London, 18 January Izmir-Istanbul, 31 January London-Istanbul, 6 February Istanbul- Izmir flights are also specified.

Atlasglobal’s was contacted for comment but is currently unable to be reached, likewise, the companies call centre was unavailable for contact.

According to the Regulation on the Rights of Airline Passengers, if the flight is notified to the cancellation of the flight two weeks before the flight, the airline will refund the full fare to the passenger in cash or by electronic bank transfer.

If the flight is cancelled when there is less than two weeks to the flight, even if the passenger is informed in this process, the passenger is entitled to 100 euros for domestic flights and for passengers on international flights.

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