Members of the Turkish-Speaking Community to vote for Labour

OUR Turkish-speaking community members from the United Kingdom participated in our election polls and announced which party they would vote for.

Today on Thursday 12 December the UK is holding an early general election. Voting will begin at 7am and will end at 10pm. As Londra Gazete, we conducted two separate polls on our Facebook page and to see which political party the Turkish-speaking community would vote for.

In the surveys we conducted on Monday and Tuesday, the Labour Party was the political party that the Turkish-speaking community would vote with a great distance.

According to our surveys which reaching over 23,000 people in two days, most of our community said they will vote for the Labour Party.

According to the common results of both surveys, 58% of the Turkish-speaking community will vote for the Labour Party, 30% for the Conservative Party, 6% for the Liberal Democratic Party, 5% for the Green Party and 1% for the Brexit Party.

Although the Conservative Party maintains its superiority in different polls conducted throughout the country, more than 2 million new voters register to give hope to the opposition parties.


This evening at 10pm, the countdown will begin after the voting process. Enfield, one of the largest boroughs in London, where the Turkish-speaking community lives intensively, the election results will be announced by morning. Voting counts will begin at 12.30 midnight on Friday, December 13, according to the statement from Enfield Council. Results at Edmonton, where Labor Oscaror’s Kate Osamor represented and is looking to be re-nominated will be given towards 02.30, around 03.30 for Enfield North vote will be announced, this is where Labour candidate Feryal Clark, a member of the Turkish-speaking community member is standing. Looking to be re-elected in Enfield Southgate is Bambos Charalambous of the Labour Party, votes are expected to be announced around 04.30.


You can follow the results of our society with the most up-to-date and fast way on our website, these updates will also be shared across our social media pages.

There are four candidates representing the Turkish-speaking community in this general election. Neva Sadıkoğlu-Novaky and Gönül Daniels are candidates from the Conservative Party and Feryal Clark and İbrahim Doğuş are candidates from the Labor Party.

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