Labour members show support for North London candidates

ENFIELD North Labour Candidate Feryal Clark’s election campaign continued, with party activists in Enfield Town giving full support to election fundraiser on Monday 25 November.

Supports met in North London, including Labour’s Shadow Minister Sir Keir Starmer, Hackney MP Meg Hillier, Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville, and Enfield Leader Nesil Caliskan. Numerous representatives of the Turkish community associations and organisations were there to contribute.

During the days of the campaign, the members of the Labour Party who filled the Enfield Town Aksular Restaurant to the brim. Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Sir Keir Starmer, one of the strong names of the Labour Party, was invited as a ‘Guest Speaker’ at the night. Sir Starmer, who made a speech at the dinner, said Feryal Clark would be elected as the first female Turkish-speaking Member of Parliament, saying that there was little time between Feryal Clark’s candidacy and the call for the 12 December General Election, and he said that he was preparing a very successful campaign in a short period of time and that Feryal Clark was certain to enter Parliament. Sir Keir Starmer pointed out in the election declaration that the Labour Party should be the Government in order to implement policies for the benefit of large masses he emphasising the importance of the work to be done in the last two weeks.

Feryal Clark thanked the members of the campaign and the members who participated in the campaigns and those who came from different sections in the North Enfield to support her. On Monday night Labour candidate and MP for Enfield Southgate Bambos Charalambous also has an election fundraiser event at Kervan Southgate with members of the labour party and supported as well gather to show him support in his campaign to be re-elected.


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