Bozca-Der celebrated its 11th Solidarity Night

President of the Bozca-Der Association Nesimi Keskin, gave important messages to the members of the community who attended the Solidarity Night, he said: “We are individuals who have been living in the UK for 30 years. Whether we want it or not, we’re permanent. We’re from here now. As a society, we will stand together and maintain our solidarity, side by side on good and bad days. We will not be insensitive to the problems of this country we live in.”

Bozca-Der was founded by Bozhüyük and Camiliyurt villagers of Gürün district of Sivas, living in London, was the scene of unity and solidarity. Hundreds of guests attending the night had the opportunity to have fun and chat in a beautiful atmosphere. Board members and volunteers contributed greatly to the success of the solidarity night.

On the 30th anniversary of the migration to England, Keskin made the opening speech of the 11th Solidarity Night. “Whether we want it or not, we’re permanent. We are from here now ’. Talking about turkey and the political environment Keskin pointed out that there are serious problems, “Although the required sensitivity and attitude regarding this issue, a very important point to keep in mind, this is the country we live. Now we are individuals living in the UK and whether we want it or not we are permanent. We are from here now”.

Underlined that Bozca-Der people cannot be insensitive to the developments in the UK and said, “The developments in this country are primarily about us immigrants. Trying to make education merciless, day to day pruning a bird that almost turned to aids, health and safety systems, even more declining, decreased purchasing power, the economy is getting worse every day, unemployment, parliamentary crisis … We cannot remain indifferent to all this. In summary, we will be together as a society and maintain our solidarity, side by side on good and bad days. We will also be sensitive to the problems of this country. Therefore, as a board of directors trying to take this dual duty as the basis, we try to be sensitive to the problems of education, youth, women and society as the previous administrations do. ”

Haringey Mayor Sheila Peacock, Enfield Deputy Mayor Sabri Özaydın and former Mayor of Haringey Ali Gül Özbek participated in Bozca-Der’s 11th Solidarity Night and gave solidarity messages to the guests.

On the solidarity night organized by BOZCADER Board of Directors, chaired by Nesimi Keskin, those who filled the hall travelled to the country with the songs of Suna Alan and Ahmet İhvani.

Kurdish musician Suna Alan shook the hearts of the guests with the emotionally loaded songs he performed on the 11th Solidarity Night of Bozca-Der. Suna Alan received great applause from the attendees.

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