Tens of thousands march for People’s Vote as MPs prepare to vote

Tens of thousands of people are marching through central London demanding a vote on Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal.

The protesters, many wearing blue berets emblazoned with yellow stars symbolising the EU flag, flooded the streets of the capital this morning before the People’s Vote march set off towards Westminster.

The demonstration is calling for a “Final Say” on Britain’s departure from the EU and is taking place as MPs debate the new deal in the House of Commons.

Starting off a midday on Park Lane, the march snaked through central London to Parliament Square, where protesters are due to hear speeches from politicians and celebrities who support a confirmatory vote.

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The Labour Mayor of London had previously called on people to join the march, saying that he wants to “make sure our message is heard loud and clear over the jeers and sneers in the House of Commons”.

Pro-Brexit protesters have also gathered in Parliament Square ahead of Saturday’s votes.

Meanwhile in the House of Commons, MPs were urged to listen to the people as the Speaker John Bercow selected an amendment calling for a confirmatory referendum.

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