Day-Mer marched with Stand Up to Racism

MEMBERS of Day-Mer join hundreds of protest on Saturday 3 August to counter-protest against Tommy Robison supporters that organised a march which was also taking place at the same time.

Showing their support for counter-protest which took place at Regency Street just meters away from where Tommy Robinson supports were stationed at Oxford circle at the beginning of their march.

Organisers had said they planned to show “Robinson and his followers are not welcome in our streets”, accusing him of seeking to “divide and rule our multicultural society”.

Carrying banner saying: “Oppose Tommy Robinson, Don’t let the racists divide us” and “Smash Fascism & Racism” they said they have near double the about of supports uniting together.

Robinson, the 36-year-old English Defence League founder, was sentenced to 9 months after breaching a reporting restriction order when he filmed himself approaching defendants outside Leeds crown court last May.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that a total of 24 arrests were made but were not able to say which arrests related to the Tommy Robinson protest and which involved the counter-demonstration.

Three men and one woman were arrested for assaulting a police officer and two men were arrested for affray.

Dozens of police officers lined the route of the marches in an attempt to prevent clashes between the two rival groups.

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