A 15th of July painting exhibition by Turkish students goes on show

An exhibition of paintings by students of Turkish educational institutions about the July 15 coup attempt has opened in London.

Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus dozens of works in the exhibition organized by the Ministry of Education in London Education Consultancy with collaboration with the London Yunus Emre Institute. The exhibition consisted of 29 pieces selected from the paintings of Turkish children taking Turkish and Turkish culture lessons in schools affiliated with Turkish associations.

Turkey’s Consul General Cinar Ergin gave a speech at the Exhibition; he said “We gathered to commemorate the reasons of a unique event that will not always be the subject of a painting exhibition, to discuss where they came from and to reflect these on the pictures with the eyes of children. On July 15, 2019, there was subjected to an unprecedented treacherous coup attempt in the world. Highly sophisticated, sophisticated; our democracy and national unity have been threatened with the methods never seen before of a sly terrorist organization. ”

The Turkish embassy in London’s Educational Counsellor Hasan Ünsal told Anadolu News Agency that they provide Turkish and Turkish culture lessons to approximately 3 thousand students studying in 82 schools, including 42 Turkish association schools and 40 British schools in their respective regions.

“On the occasion of the anniversary of the July 15 treacherous coup attempt, we organised a painting exhibition looking at the 15th July from the eyes of our children. 29 paintings from 29 schools are on display. Our children tried to portray their feelings or experiences with their teachers.”

Ünsal also added that he took part in the selection of the pictures, “Indeed, there are pictures that contain very impressive expressions.”



Director of London Yunus Emre Institute Mehmet Karakuş expressed his pleasure to host the exhibition and said that the exhibition will remain open until July 22nd.

Karakuş underlined the meaning of the July 15th’s coup attempt to be pictured from the eyes of children, the Turkish nation experienced the joy of having survived the coup attempt, the exhibition shows how the children understand these events and how they felt.

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