Tens of thousands celebrated the 30th Day-Mer Culture and Art Festival

The 30th Day-Mer Culture and Art Festival park festival, organised by the Turkish and Kurdish Community Solidarity Center (Day-Mer), was celebrated on Sunday 7 July with the participation of tens of thousands of people.

The Day-Mer Culture and Art Festival, which started on June 12 with festival reception and photo exhibition, was able to bring tens of thousands of people together with 8 different events this year.

The activities that took place during the festival in order to represent all segments of the society ended with the park festival held in Clissold Park, approximately 12 thousand people participated in the park festival brought up the current social problems, music and flavour feast was experienced.

In addition to booths for young people, children and women, trade unions also participated in the festival and met with our community members.

Under the direction of Cahit Berkay, the Mongols Anatolian rock group and Selda Bağcan, as well as the music group consisting of Day-Mer and DİDF young people, trade unionists and politicians at the festival where local groups Basil Gabbidon and Samba Sisters Collective and Day-Mer children’s folk dance team took the stage.

Speaking at the festival, Day-Mer President Aslı Gül stated that poverty has increased and emphasised the importance of the struggle of local and migrant labourers together. Gul said that the fight against racism, education and health cuts is only possible through organized struggle. The festival, which has been held for 30 years, was held with the extraordinary contributions of the labourers and members he added that “Day-Mer is the roof of all working people,”.

Diana Abbott, Shadow Interior Minister of the Labor Party and Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney, and Mustafa Yalçıner of the Labor Party also gave speeches at the event.

Mustafa Yalçıner, who has made a speech on behalf of the Labor Party, said that “But very bad things are happening in our world. Against these, it is very important to unite, solidarity as in this square. ” Yalçıner, who pointed out that there was no other debate in the British Parliament except for two years, called for a fight against the public’s right to health and education.

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