Hundreds joined for Necdet Topçu memorial tournament

Hundreds of people participated in the football tournament organised in the memory of the late Necdet Topçu, who gave his life to Turkish football.

Organised by London Newspaper and London Turkish Masters, the tournament was sponsored by the Balıkçıoğlu Cabaret Theater, taking place on Sunday, June 16 at the Waltham Lodge, the tournament started at 12.00, with 8 teams taking part and many members of the community join to celebrate the event.

Kebab and drinks were served to the participants along with pastries to enjoy. A table of Necdet Topçu’s photo archives was also displayed, showing images from matches, events, dinner and dances and more that he had taken over his 30-year career as a journalist and sports editor. Many players, members of the football community reminisced over the images and memories the images held, with many bring laughter and good memory awhile refreshing their memories with Topçu.

The friendly tournament saw 8 teams with players ages 35 and over plying in knock out rounds of 15-minute games. Gaziantep and Legends the two teams to jointly wine the most gentlemen team of the tournament.

Yavruvatan and Anatolia made into the final match, Yavuzvatan defeated their opponent Anatolia 2-0 the tense match saw Anatolia give their best but falling short of securing a goal.

London newspaper’s director Yılmaz Özyiğit, thanked everyone who participated at the cup ceremony, saying, “I am very happy to see everyone here together of Neco on this special and meaningful day…  this tournament is in memory of Necdet, a person who has served the sports community for many years and devoted his life to sports. I would like to thank the London Turkish Masters and the Balıkçıoğlu Cabaret for their sponsorship, and the TTFF for their support… ”

Presenting Yavuzvatan, the winners of the Necdet Topçu tournament with their cup Osman Balıkçıoğlu, said: “We are pleased to sponsor this tournament organised in memory of Necdet. This will not be the first, but not the last, as you know the Balıkçıoğlu cabernet Theatre sponsors many events such as this and we were glad to be a part of the tournament”

Taking a moment to thank the teams that played and everyone that joined the tournament in memory of Necdet Topçu Ümit Çıkrıkçıoğlu, head of London Turkish Masters Masters federation also congratulated Anatolia team, which won the biggest cup of the UK amateur league.

Kemal Soyer, who help to organised the event said, “Neco serviced the Turkish football in London with his pen. He accompanied us on the fields for years. The photos and beauty he left behind will always keep his memory fresh.” After the ceremony, the teams participating in the tournament and Necdet Topçu lovers came together and took a photo of a memory.

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