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Eid messages from party leaders and politicians

Eid messages from party leaders and politicians

Muslim’s across the world are celebrating the end of Ramadan with the start Eid today, messages and well wishes are being shared across the world from, here are messages our party leaders and politicians.



Theresa May

Prime Minister


“I want to send my very best wishes to Muslims at home and around the world celebrating the festival of Eid al-Fitr.

For more than three million British Muslims, the joyous occasion of Eid, spent with family and loved ones, marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Over the last month, many British Muslims have shared the holy practices of Ramadan with neighbours of all faiths and none – from doing charity work in the local community to preparing meals for the elderly or coming together to break the fast at the end of the day.

During Ramadan, as at many other times of the year, I see the very best of the values which unite us all: of tolerance, of respect, and of selflessness.

Sadly, there are those who only seek to sow division and to spread fear and hatred in our communities. This year we have seen despicable acts of terrorism targeted against Muslims both abroad and on UK soil, on innocent people attending their place of worship or going about their daily lives.

There can be no place in our societies for the vile ideology that incites hatred and fear, and I stand with Muslims here in the UK and around the world against those who seek to destroy our values.

So as we come together in celebration this Eid – to share meals and gifts with families, friends and colleagues – let us remain steadfast in the values we share.

A happy and peaceful celebration to you all.

Eid Mubarak.”

Jeremy Corbyn

Leader of the Labour Party

“On behalf of the Labour Party, I want to send my best wishes to all Muslims in the United Kingdom celebrating Eid al-Adha.

I know this is a special time for Muslims, and it is an opportunity to celebrate the values of Islam. Values of family, of community and of charity.

At a time when so many people around the world are facing such hardship, these values seem more important than ever.

I also want to take this chance to recognise the enormous contributions Muslims across Britain make to our country, to our communities and to our way of life.

I wish you all a peaceful and happy Eid.

Eid Mubarak.”





Sir Vince Cable

Leader  of the Liberal Democrats


“I wish to send a message on my behalf and my party, the liberal Democrats, to Muslim in Britain, to wish you well, to have a happy Eid celebration as Ramadan comes to an end.

I know the importance of this event, a time where Muslims come together to celebrate to share presents, goodwill and it’s an important occasion for followers of the faith.

It’s a useful time, I think, for me to stress the importance we attach to the different communities within the UK particularly the Muslim community and the enormous contributions they make in so many different ways to Britain’s society so thank, happy Eid, Eid Mubarak”



Sadiq Khan

The Mayor of London


“As-Salamu Alaykum.

And Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating the end of Ramadan!

I’ll be honest, this year I’ve found fasting from dawn until dusk tough going.

But as always, it’s been a deeply rewarding experience too because it gives an appreciation of just how hard life can be for those who are less fortunate, the hungry, the destitute and the homeless.

For me the highlight of Ramadan has been breaking my fast with Londoners of all faiths and backgrounds at events across our city.

From the first-ever Iftar to be hosted at St Paul’s Cathedral, with the Bishop of London.

To the Ramadan Tent project with hundreds of young Londoners of all backgrounds in Trafalgar square.

At a time of rising intolerance, it’s been inspiring to see London come together like this showing that our diversity isn’t a weakness, but our city’s greatest strength.

From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak!”


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