EU President urges Londoners to vote for Change UK

The EU President Donald Tusk has

The EU President Donald Tusk has today (Tuesday 21 May) today urged Londoners to support a Change UK candidate running to become an MEP in the European elections.

The EU’s most senior official endorsed his former deputy prime minister Jan Rostowski, who is running as a candidate in London, claiming he would make a “great MEP for London”.

The staunch Remain backer, who has been highly critical of Britain’s plans to leave the EU and is a former Polish PM, said: “Jan Rostowski worked with me as finance minister of Poland for six years and then as my Deputy Prime Minister.”

In a statement, he added: “Not only was he the best finance minister in Europe during the financial crisis, but he is also a very dear friend who would make a great MEP for London, which I know he loves.

“I urge Londoners who want Britain to stay in the EU to vote for him.”

London-born Mr Rostowski served as Poland’s finance minister between 2007 and 2013 and was later deputy prime minister under the then ruling Civic Platform Party.

The economist is a staunch defender of the European Union.

Carole Tongue, a former MEP for Labour who is also standing for Change UK in the election for the London region, said: “I’m delighted that President Donald Tusk, whose knowledge of European politics and economics is unsurpassed, has recommended to Londoners that if they want to Remain in the EU they should vote for Change UK on Thursday.

“President Tusk worked with our candidate Jan Rostowski and is rightly attesting to his huge European political and economic competence.”

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