The Turkish Consulate General in London gives Iftar dinner

Turkish Consulate in London on Friday, May 10, to the guests with an evening program organised by the consulate building located in Knightsbridge gave Iftar dinner.

The event organised by the consulate saw its entire guest at dinner greeted by Turkey’s Consul General in London Çınar Ergin. Welcoming each and every person Ergin thank everyone for attending the Iftar dinner.

Those invited were representatives of some political parties, non-governmental/ non-profit organisations and member of press and more attended the Iftar dinner.

The Turkish Consulate in London Counsellor for Religious Services Müşaviri Mahmut Özdemir, carried out the prayers and finally adding that “This blessed month of Ramadan, our nation, our country and I wish to be instrumental in the entire Islamic world for good.”

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