Joining together in a show of support for Evrensel

LONDONERS joined together to show their support for the Evrensel Newspaper which is published in Turkey for a night of solidarity on Friday, May 10.

Solidarity with the People Of Turkey (SPOT) organised the night of the foreign representatives also attended dozens of people. In addition to the messages given support messages to Evrensel, with live music performances served with food and drinks at the Turkish Kurdish Community Center.  Attending the event were a few well-known names Steve Hedley, Deputy Secretary General of the National Association for Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), Vice President of the European Federation of Education Unions Christine Blower, Louise Reagan, former president of the National Education Union, Andrew Smith from the Campaign Against Weapon Trading, Charlie Kimber, editor of Socialist Worker, Author Aydın Çubukçu and historian-writer Erdoğan Aydin.

Socialist Worker editor Kimber spoke and express their views on issues of press freedom occurred in Turkey, said that international support should be made by expressing empathy to understand for

Evrensel’s London Representative Arif Bektas thanked SPOT and the participants who organised the night of solidarity, saying that this was support given to the oppressed labourers not only in the world but in the world.

After the speeches, the participants listened to live music performances. A gift was also given to one lucky winner of a prize draw at the event.


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