Deniz Gezmiş and his companions were commemorated at Day-Mer

ON 6 May 1972  marks the anniversary of Deniz Gezmiş, Hüseyin İnan and Yusuf Arslan who were executed. Day-Mer organised a commemoration event called “Denizler Mücadelemizde Yaşıyor” on the 47th anniversary.

In the event took place at the Turkish and Kurdish Community Center in North London at 4pm on Sunday 5 May. In the commemoration event held in President Aslı Gül and Author Aydın Çubukçu spoke about the meaning and importance of the day.

DAYMER Women’s Choir, Young Musicians and Canan Sağar and İbrahim Yılmaz took the stage to perform. During the program hosted by Semra Demirci, the first talk with the President Gul, emphasizing that Deniz and his companions should not mourning by the struggle but by their peers against the imperialism, stressed the need to commemorate by moving forward with the actions.

Aydın Çubukçu, spoke at the event saying: “Deniz and his companions have passed we cannot do anything for them but they continue to do something for us. Moreover, they continue their power and revolutionary fires”

Referring to the lines of Atilla İlhan’s in Müjganla Ben Ağlaşırım “The words of A Forest Fire in the poem it tells the world of that period. US imperialism was like a monster in the eyes of peoples. Deniz and his companions were the undisputed leaders of the struggle against the US 6th Fleet at the bottom of our noses.”

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