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Police will be target the A10 Enfield’s ‘most dangerous drivers’

Police will be target the A10 Enfield’s ‘most dangerous drivers’

A10 reckless road behaviour has been a particularly long-standing issue within Enfield and the Met and Transport for London are working in partnership with Enfield Council to tackle the problem.

Consequently, its Roads Policing Teams are running an intensified operation for the foreseeable future in Enfield, targeting motorists and riders along the A10 who exceed the speed limit or commit other road traffic offences.

The Met’s Roads and Transport Policing Command, part-funded by, and in partnership with Transport for London, is committed to the Mayor’s Vision Zero policy to eliminate deaths and serious injury from London’s roads by 2041.

The London route of the A10 goes through Hackney, Haringey and Enfield where there have been eight fatal road collisions (six in Enfield and two in Haringey) between April 2017 and March 2019.

Many of these motorists are from the Home Counties and drive into London along the A10 with the express purpose of driving at speeds in excess of 100mph where the limits are between 20mph and 40mph. Their vehicles are often unlicensed or uninsured and, in some cases, are hire cars.

Motorists caught driving dangerously face very serious penalties which may include a mandatory 12 month disqualification, points on their license, seizure of their vehicle and even time in jail.

Drivers and riders who are travelling at excess speeds are more likely to have a collision. Higher speed can often result in more severe injury to the driver or other road users.

Detective Superintendent Andy Cox, Roads and Transport Policing Command, said: “The Met is committed to targeting the most dangerous drivers and riders from London’s roads as part of Vision Zero and is taking robust action to do so.

“The A10 has been experiencing reckless drivers with a total disregard for themselves and other road users for some time. It must stop before there are any more fatalities or serious injuries. Therefore we are ramping up policing enforcement to deter such offending.

“Every road death or serious injury is devastating for the victim’s family and friends. It is not worth the risk. If you are involved in a collision the penalties will be severe: it could cost you your driver’s licence, your job, your limbs or your life.”

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Cohesion, Cllr Nneka Keazor, said: “We are aware of the issues on the A10 and sympathise with those who reside in the vicinity. We are glad that the Roads Policing Team will be stepping up its operations and we will continue to work closely with the police and Transport for London on finding long-term solutions to help resolve these issues for the good and safety of the community.”

Drivers or riders who believe they have witnessed a traffic offence and have recorded this with a dash camera, can visit the following link where the driving clip can be uploaded at the Metropolitan Police will consider prosecuting any driver where the video evidence clearly highlights an offence under the Road Traffic act.

Information can also be given anonymously through the Crimestoppers website or by ringing 0800 555 111.


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