Poetry contest for May 19th  100th Anniversary


THIS year marks the commemoration of Atatürk of 100th anniversary in Samsun on 19 May. The Atatürk memorial Youth and Sports Day, will be celebrated with a poem competition which has been organised by the Cypriot Turkish Council Associations UK (CTCA) Turkish Language, Culture and Education Consortium of UK with the London Embassy of Turkey Education Consultant and the TRNC Education Counsellor.

Children and teenagers under the aged11 to 18 and living in the UK can enter the competition poems by entre either the English or Turkish categories. Adults aged over 18 can also enter the poem competition just like the younger ages, to enter you have to be living in the UK and have a choice of entering either the English or Turkish categories.

Awards will be given to the winner of the four categories, they will also be featured in the magazine that will be published for the CTCA festival taking place on the 30 June.

To enter, all you have to do is email over your poem with your details to info@ctcauk.com.

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