2nd London Turkish Film Week announced

THE Yunus Emre Institute has announced the 2nd London Turkish Films Week which will take place between the 24 and 30 April 2019.

After the 1st Turkish Films Week in December 2018, Yunus Emre Institute is preparing to present the latest films of Turkish Cinema across the capital at a number of venues such as the historic Regent Street Cinema in central London.

2nd Turkish Film sees 11 full-length feature films, short films, documentaries and interviews will take place.

The first will be April 24 April ‘Let the Kid Play’, ‘Guardian of Angles’ ‘Talk on Turkish dramas’ on the 25th April, ‘Talk on ‘at Flicks or Netflix’ ‘Cicero’ will be showed on 26th April,  ‘Yellow heat’ ‘Yozgat Blues’ ‘Brothers and ‘Halef’  on the 27th April ‘The pigeon’ ‘Murtaza’  ‘Sideway’ and ‘Turkish Ice Cream’ will all be showing on the 28th of April, ‘The smell of money’ on the 29th of April and the final day of the festival will see a showing of the short films with a Q&A sessions moderated by Critic and Broadcaster Phillip Bergson and a film screening and talk on  Ömer Lütfi Akad close the 2nd London Turkish Films Week on the 30th April.

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