Thousands celebrate Newroz in London

THOUSANDS of people attended the Newroz celebration event organised by the Kurdish society in London on Sunday 24 March at Finsbury Park.

Many different community members, civil society organizations, party officials, activists and artists, as well as thousands of people attended the Newroz event on Sunday in Finsbury Park.

During the Newroz event organised this year, launched hunger strikes in Turkey and Europe maintained its agenda. Mazlum Doğan, Leyla Güven and Abdullah Öcalan’s posters were hung on the stage for the event.

The opening speech was made by Co-Chairs of the British Kurdish People’s Assembly Ercan Akbal and Besime Baser. Ercan Akbal, who started his speech by greeting the hunger strike resistance fighters, stated that Newroz carried the resistance move to a new stage and fascism would be defeated as a result of this move.

Green Party Party Co-President Jonathan Barley, Labour Party deputy Loyd Russel Moyle, Hackney Mayor Phillip Glanville, Haringey Deputy Catherine West, HDP former deputy Osman Baydemir also made a speech.

Ali Poyraz, speaking at the beginning of the program along with the slogans cited on the hunger strike activists, “The hunger strike resistance move will definitely give results and the isolation on Abdullah Öcalan will be removed.”

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