Alliance of Turkish Businesspeople hoping for a positive result

ANKARA Agreement TURKISH entrepreneurs who have established a business under the Ankara Agreement in the United Kingdom have launched a lawsuit against the Home Office on the 7th of March in the Supreme Court in London.

Until 16 March 2018, within the framework of the Ankara Agreement, Turkish citizens who settled in the UK and set up businesses were able to apply for permanent residence once they’ve settled for four years.

However, with the new rules that entered into force overnight, five-year residency, £2,389 thousand application fee and language and culture exam requirements were brought for an indefinite stay. 12 thousand 500 entrepreneurs opposing the new implementations, established a community under the name of Alliance of Turkish Businesspeople in order to seek their rights.

The Supreme Court, which has already received the Ankara Agreement visa rules for Turkish entrepreneurs to the defensibility in court that a legitimate expectation that change has allowed the reigning case.

Hence, the judge has left the decision of the case to a date not yet determined.

According to the AA correspondent on the case, Alliance of Turkish Businesspeople founder Ipek Leni Candan said that she could not give any information about the content of the hearing because the legal process was going on, but they said that their hopeful. Candan further outlined: “I can say that we are satisfied that the (trial) has been satisfactory, we have submitted all our arguments to the judge, we are hoping for a positive result.”

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