Play written by Karakuş performed at Millfield Theatre

A play written by the Mayor of Enfield was performed at Millfield Theatre.

‘Together We are Enfield’ was performed at the Millfield Theatre on February 26.

The play, was written and produced by Cllr Saray Karakuş with choreography by the Edmonton based Platinum School of Dance. Edited and directed by Nina Lewis-Hart and Erina Lewis.

It charts the story of a man who grew up in Enfield but moved out of the borough in later life and decides to come back and film a documentary.

Karakuş made the following statement in regards to the play:

“We had a full house at Millfield Theatre. With our community filling up those chairs the whole thing would have meant nothing.

Since I became Mayor, I have been very busy visiting few places each day some days and had the opportunity to explore Enfield more.

I was amazed by something different each time. I’ve been taking notes every day. Places I visited, people I met, sad moments , laughs , jokes; there have been many memories for me to keep. My notes included spectacular buildings, rich heritage, breathtaking nature, so many kind people, touching stories, valuable history, legends lived or educated in Enfield.

What a vibrant borough. This has inspired me to create this project because of the need to get together and recognise and celebrate the love and humility that is in our community.

100% credit goes to platinum as they painted my dream in a most artistic and real way. Would not have been possible without them. Thank you Platinum for your days and nights of efforts.

I believe in you Platinum Performing Arts. After many hours of rehearsals, costume, music, technicalities, filming clips around the Borough, promoting ticket sales. A massive thank you to everyone who supported us.”

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