Conference on gambling addiction from DAY-MER and DERMAN

DERMAN and DAYMER organised a conference on how to cope with gambling addiction.

The conference was held on 16 February Saturday, at DAYMER London Community Center.

Dermans General Manager Nursel Taşand Mental Health Service responsible Ufuk Genç attended as the main speakers.

Nursel Taş and Ufuk Genç spoke about gambling addiction, emphasizing that those who are addicted should seek professional help, also pointing out that gambling addiction has destructive effects.

During the conference, it was highlighted that gambling addictions is a big dilemma within the society and all over the work. A slideshow was shown in relation to gambling addiction and questions by the participants were answered.


A committee member from DAYMER reminded that a few months ago, a young member of the community had committed suicide due to his gambling addiction.

Hence, the link between suicide and gambling was emphasized during the conference. Orhan Dil conveyed that, gambling addiction has destructive effects, some of the suicide incidents in the community are related to gambling and he also expressed that it is not possible to ignore this fact.


Speaking at the conference, DERMAN General Manager Nursel Taş pointed out that the people with gambling addiction in the society are generally men, and women are generally those which are in search of solutions to this crisis.

Stating that men often hesitate to take professional help, Taş mentioned that negative effects of the immigration phenomenon on society are the most important reason for gambling addictions.


Before starting his speech at the conference, Ufuk Genç, who is in charge of the Derman Mental Health Service, showed a cross-section of the hormonal and brain biologic changes in the gambling addicts of scientists from the BBC Panorama program.

Genç then continued his speech: “Even though the substance is not taken into the body in gambling, the reason for addiction is psychological as well as biological change. With professional help, it is possible to quit gambling. The big business falls into the immediate surroundings of the addicts.”

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