Alarming number of careers are quitting

MORE than 600 people a day leave their jobs because of the demands of being a carer, says research from a charity.

Carers UK believed the pressures of looking after an elderly, ill or disabled relative have made almost half a million people quit their jobs in the UK in the past two years.

The report calls for more flexibility in the workplace for carers. The report estimates that almost five million people are trying to balance looking after relatives with working, up from about three million in 2011.

The report states not enough employers are offering flexibility over working hours or taking leave.

Carers UK is calling for employment rights to formally recognise the needs of carers, such as providing five to 10 days per year of paid leave.

Such carers in work are typically aged over 45 and the report says that their caring responsibilities “often go unnoticed”.

The report follows a warning from the Office for National Statistics of growing numbers of people who not only have to look after an elderly relative but are also caring for their children.

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