Driver fined after his broken car entered bus lane

A Turkish Uber driver was given a £130 fine after his car was taken into a bus lane on a tow truck.

Mustafa Azman’s Vauxhall Insignia broke down in central London on December 21, which led him to call for a recovery vehicle to take it to a nearby garage.

However when the tow truck drove through a bus lane, number plate recognition cameras picked up both vehicles.

As a result, Mustafa Azman was fined despite the fact that he could not have been behind the wheel.

Mustafa spoke to The Sun and stated: ‘We all make mistakes but this is a complete joke. I think common sense must be a dying species.”

He further underlined that in recent years councils had “gone crazy with these cameras” and that “they will try anything to get more revenue”.

Azman received the bad news on top of his £280 bill to fix the engine and exhaust fault which caused his car to break down.

Mustafa, 27, of North London, said: “You can see it’s on a truck. I appealed straight away, saying, ‘Look at the evidence. It’s on a truck’.”

The City Of London cancelled the fine and aplogised to Mustafa for any convenience caused.

Mustafa Azman
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