Turkish fashion designer Akın will exhibit at London Fashion Week

Turkish fashion designer Çiğdem Akın will exhibit her fashion show at the end of London Fashion Week on February 17, 2019-2020.

Jazzgir, one of London’s jazz and fine dining restaurants on the Thames River, will be home to the show.

After the chief designer of Vakko, Çiğdem Akın, who established her own brand and now a world brand, will be presented in the London Fashion Week fashion show in the autumn winter 2019-20 Obsidian (volcanic black crystal glass) collection.

These highly creative designs, which are one-to-one for Millenial Women, will offer original mannequins.

Another feature of the fashion show is the benefit of the Lifetime Learning Foundation in London. Income from the show will be donated to this institution, which has made a great contribution to adult education and is fighting against unemployment.

The show will be launched two days before the show, 15 February.


Çiğdem Akın was born in Istanbul in 1970. She had an interest in fashion when she was a middle school student. She has worked as a designer for 24 years. After designing for Vakko for 16 years, she established her brand “Cigdem Akin” in 2004. She synthesizes fashion from east and west in her collection. Her collections are launched all around the world, mainly in the US, European countries, and the Middle East. Akın has two stores in Galata and Nisantaşı, Istanbul. Since 2006, the brand has participated in Paris Who’s Next Pret a Porter Fair. In 2009, she presented her collection at the New York Manhattan fashion show. She has participated in the Collection Premiere Istanbul Fairs since 2010; and in Istanbul Fashion.

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