Met Office issues yellow warning: snow and ice

The Met Office has issues a yellow warning of snow and ice from tonight until Friday across the UK and the South East. 

The Met Office has issues a yellow warning of snow and ice from tonight until Friday across the UK and the South East.

Today alone has 4 separate yellow weather warnings for the UK. With highlands expected to see up to 10cm worth of snow fall tonight. The warning will continue until Friday across the UK.

In London a cold week is expected with temperature dropping into the -0’s and only reaching a high of 3 degrees celsius towards the end of the week on Friday. But even with this slight increase the temperature it is expect to feel freezing anduntil Sunday, where the temperature will reach a high of 7 degrees celsius but the ‘feel like temperature’ is shown to be just 2 degrees celsius.


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In Scotland and Cumbria to closed some roads and school in preparations for the snow fall.

The met office stated that there is a “slight chance” that some rural communities could be cut off and a “small chance” that power cuts may occur and mobile phone coverage could be affected.

Police have urged motorists to take extra care and plan ahead. Scottish Police have said that drivers should prepare with supplies of food/drinks and fuel even extra cloths to be kept in there cars “in the event you are delayed for several hours”.


4 separate yellow warnings for snow and ice:

  1. Predicts a band of rain to arrive across Wales, northern and western England from 12:00 on Tuesday, moving eastwards into the afternoon and evening and turning to snow on the hills. Wintry showers will follow into western areas on Wednesday morning.
  2. Further snow showers across northwest parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland from late Tuesday afternoon until 12:00 on Wednesday.
  3. The South East, the Midlands, and East Anglia, takes effect from 17:00, continuing into Wednesday.
  4. The Met has said it expects rain and snow to move in from the southwest, moving across England and Wales through Thursday into Friday.


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