Broken lifts causes safety concerns

SIBEL Yildirim, which lives in Bliss House, Forty Hill, stated that residents had been troubled by dilemmas with the lifts for months and many had lost their hope with Enfield Council because of its failure to solve this problem.

Due to the broken lifts many elderly people and pregnant women had been forced to use the stairs in a 12-storey tower block.

Sibel Yildirim said that there were worried of getting trapped in lifts and were having to use the stairwells, although repetitive dilemmas of drug use and anti-social behaviour in the building.

Yildirim further stated: “The first lift has been broken since November – they have not fixed it yet. The second lift we have keeps breaking down. A lot of people are struggling – there are lots of people complaining but they are not able to resolve the issues.

We have been back and forth with the councillors, neighbourhood officers and the council. They are not safe for us to use – they break down a lot.

We have pregnant ladies, elderly people, and people with physical issues.

Most of the residents have lost faith. They believe no-one is going to do anything.”

Yildirim asserted that the council told her it did not currently have the funding to replace the lifts and will probably replace the lifts in 2024.

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