Sad news from Dr. Teoman Sırrı

TEOMAN Sırrı one of the best known faces among the UK’s Turkish speaking communities has announced that he will be longer to treat his patients due his serious illness.

Dr.Teoman Sırrı is also known for receiving his MBE from Queen Elizabeth II.

For many decades, Dr.Teoman Sırrı has treated many patients, however due to his serious illness after returning from his holiday, he will longer be able to treat patients.

Dr.Teoman Sırrı underwent major surgeries for an unexpected ailment.  Sırrı stated that he could not serve his patients in the examination center where he served for many years in Harringay. Dr. Teoman Sırrı’s health status is good at the moment.  Sırrı said that he was extremely sorry for not being able to examine his patients anymore because of his health problems.


Due to Dr. Teoman’s health problems, the medical service will no longer be available for examination. Also all appointments are cancelled.  Dr. Teoman Sırrı apologised to all his patients for the inconvenience and added that he was really proud and happy to serve the community for decades.  As Londra Gazete, we would like to thank Sırrı for his service to the Turkish-speaking community for years and hope he will recover soon.

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