Missing Ceylan has now been found

Ceylan Diyenli, a 27-year-old with an autism condition living in London, has been found well and safe tonight around 6.30pm. She has been missing since Sunday14th January.

According to the information we have received Ceylan was found at a restaurant in Golders Green, North London. it said that she is well and safe, with her family and police.

Early today, Ceylan Mother Sevgi Diyenl told us that Ceylan was still missing and they where with the police in Daltson area after a reported sighting.

This week her father Ismail Diyenli made the following statement:  “My wife left me at 23:00pm on Sunday at the restaurant which is run by me. When I returned home at 01:00am, I found out that my daughter was missing. Our daughter which never leaves the house along had gone missing. My daughter Ceylan does not have a mobile phone whereby we can contact or has no money with her. We filed a police compliant. I want my daughter to found as soon as possible.

We are extremely worried about my daughter’s life and we’re very worn out. My mother had dies in Turkey but I couldn’t attended to my mother’s funeral because my daughter is missing.  Our other family members attended to my mother’s funeral however with the hope of finding my missing daughter I couldn’t attend to my mother’s funeral. This was very painful for me. If my daughter can hear us, we want her beside us as soon as possible…”

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