Enfield gunman jailed after garage shooting

A man in Enfield was so unhappy because a mechanic had refused to fix his car for free which he sprayed gunfire around their workshop.

Darius Lapinski walked into a garage on Hertford Road and opened fire, damaging several cars but missing the mechanic.

Lapinski wore a face mask during the frenzied shooting, but his victim recognised his voice as they had been in a dispute over payment.

Lapinski, from Kingsway, Enfield, had taken two Jaguar cars to the victim’s garage – a broken down silver car and a blue car which he told the mechanic to use for parts.

They agreed a £750 fee for the work, but when Lapinksi returned to collect the car he paid just £200 and took the fixed Jaguar, leaving the blue one behind.

The 28-year-old mechanic demanded the rest of the payment and Lapinski complied, but the following day, on June 14, 2018, he called back demanding the blue Jaguar be fixed for free, despite having parts missing.

The mechanic told him this was impossible but that angered Lapinski so much that he arrived at the garage that same day wearing a mask and carrying a gun.

Three days after the attack on the mechanic, armed officers arrested Lapinski on suspicion of attempted murder and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Detective Sergeant Mark Attridge, who led the investigation, said: “This violent incident targeted an innocent man who was simply doing his job.

“Thankfully the victim did not suffer serious injuries but Lapinski’s reckless actions could have easily caused a huge amount of harm.”

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