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In recent years, the changed dynamics of our lives with the higher paced days, stress, relationships have a crucial impact on our psychological well-being as well as triggering reactions in our physical well-being. We are living in an era that even the smallest thing, could actually grow into something bigger and threaten us to take away our health.

Specifically speaking for men and women health, our sexual/gendered structure has a vital influence on our full well-being. Regency International Clinic is here for you to maintain your health by its proven professionalism and positive testimonials over many years. As being the first and possibly only clinic to offer Fallopian Tube Catheterisation in London, the Middle East and the Gulf region as an alternative to IVF for patients with blocked fallopian tubes, Regency International offers a wide range of services for you to feel safer, fitter and healthier.

By offering services such as female genital surgery, Trans-cervical Fallopian Tube unblocking, colposcopy, hysteroscopy and diagnostic ultrasound, the Clinic also provides screenings for cervical cancer which may be caused by high-risk types of genital HPV, which is a sexually transmitted infection.

In collaboration with other consultant gynaecologists, urologists and physicians, Regency International is determined to keep you bonded with your healthiest being.


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