Advocate of peace and freedom Hulus İbrahim, dies at 87

HULUS Ibrahim, known for his commitment towards the common struggle of the Turkish and Greek Cypriot workers during the British colonialism has died.

Aged 87, Hulus Ibrahim well known and and appreciated for his contributions to PEO and the Turkish Labour Federation, has died on 13 November, Tuesday.


Hulus Ibrahim, was born in 1931 at a village called Silifke located in South Cyprus. Ibrahim was the youngest of 7 siblings. From a young age Ibrahim was the representative of workers, also was the vice president of PEO, the joint workers trade union of Turkish and Greek Cypriots.

During the second period of the 1950s, many assassinations were occurring towards trade unionist, thus Hulus Ibrahim had to migrate to London in 1958.

Hulus Ibrahim continued with his socialist struggle London and only managed to return to Cyprus in 1989.

Ibrahim was a close friend of Derviş Alİ Kavazoğlu and Fazıl Önder, thus he collected all of his memories in his book called ‘Years of struggle’, which was published under BADEV publications.



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