Enfield Housing Partnership hosted a Landlords Forum

ENFIELD Housing Partnership hosted a Landlords Forum event on 18 October Thursday evening at Dugdale Centre located in Enfield.

The demand for privately rented accommodation continues to rise making it even more important for landlords to keep up to date with their responsibilities to provide safe and secure accommodation whilst at the same time, it is becoming ever more complex to be a landlord, with new rules governing landlord’s duties to check tenant’s immigration status and many other aspects of renting.

Enfield Housing Partnership organised a free event whereby presentations and discussions took place on the following subjects; Safer Renting – “Legislative reforms and tenancy matters”, LBE Benefits Team – “Universal Credit, Welfare Reform & Benefit Cap”, LBE – Trading Standards – “Letting Agency reforms; fire safety; and EPC”, NLA – “Regulation, financial and taxation changes in the letting market” and Citizen Advice Enfield – “Case studies on issues raised by tenants”.

Opportunities were created to discuss and share experience with other landlords and the Enfield Housing Partnership.

Presentations and discussions will occurred on various subjects such as; legislative changes, welfare reforms, tenancy matters, legal advice and safety issues. It will be a beneficial opportunity to network and share experiences with other landlords and agents.

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