Crime on British rails has risen

Polices records show that a documented crime on British railways has increased since last year, up by a 1/5 an alarming number of increasing number of violent and sexual offences have been reported

British Transport Police (BTP) recorded 2,472 sexual offences last year, up 16%, and 11,711 violent crimes, up by 26%. The figures also showed big rises in cable thefts and arson attacks.

The End Violence Against Women Coalition said a rise in the number of people reporting sexual violence was partly because of the #MeToo movement.

It added that there have also been initiatives to encourage reporting over the past few years.

The #MeToo campaign has encouraged women globally to speak out about sexual harassment and abuse.

Overall, BTP recorded 61,159 crimes in 2017-18 in England, Scotland and Wales, a rise of 17%.

Their figures also show a number of other crimes increasing on the rail network, including: Throwing missiles at trains, Arson, Live cable theft and Theft from vending machines.

BTP Chief Constable Paul Crowther said: “The chances of becoming a victim of crime on the rail network remains low.

“However, after a long period of steady decreases, both crimes per million passenger journeys and notifiable offences have increased.”

A notifiable offence is any offence where the police must inform the Home Office for statistical purposes.

Nineteen crimes were recorded per million passenger journeys.

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