Why do you think Haringey’s population has fallen?

According to published statics, the UK has the lowest population increase in the last 15 years was between 2016 and 2017.

According to published statics, the UK has the lowest population increase in the last 15 years was between 2016 and 2017. Looking specificity at London’s boroughs and we observed that there was a slight increase in population across the capital however in Haringey it deceased.

In this week’s special report we asked members of our community in Haringey ‘Why do you think Haringey’s population has fallen?’ to find out what they think is the cause of this decrease.


In general I hear that there is such a decline to London’s population. Haringey is one of the most cosmopolitan boroughs in particular. I think the biggest reason for the fall in population in Haringey is the increase in crime rates in particular… The families do not prefer living in this area. Our society is an area where an intensive Haringey, is no longer preferred by families who came from Turkey… I believe that it is necessary to increase security to make this area safe again.



First of all, as you know Brexit has influenced the entire UK, both economically and in terms of population. I think the decline in the Haringey area is temporary. Haringey is a very large borough. But very different prices for rents can move people away from this area. For example, the price of one of two houses of the same type in a street is £1,300 while the price of the other one is £1,800. This, no doubt, restricts the individual who thinks of life here…. I believe that a more standard model of prices can be created. As for education, there are really good schools in Haringey…


I think that the high crime rate affects the population rate. Security measures in this regard should definitely be increased. The police in Haringey can really be very ineffective. A second reason is that the level of education young people receive is unfortunately low. Haringey has very good colleges and very good schools, but I think that improvements are need.


I used to live in Haringey before. Then my family moved to Enfield. One of the biggest reasons why I think this borough’s population has declined is because of this high crime rate along with traffic and houses are old and neglected. They also choose better schools for their children’s education. That’s why the population is inevitably shifting somewhat outside the area. I think it can be economic effect. For this reason, the government needs to take precautions in this regard.



I’ve been living in the Wood Green area since January. While living here, I see young people are traveling in too many groups… I am convinced that the biggest reason for families to leave the Haringey area is the crime rate. I’m teacher myself; unfortunately I know the level of education in the Haringey area is low. More precisely because there are so many foreign nationals, I think the education standard may not be given the necessary importance. I think, if the importance is given to these issues, Haringey’s educations would be a level which reflexes its true standard.


There is no more concentration in Haringey as a Turkish society. Usually our society is leaving the area… There are people of different nationalities at high level in Haringey. Maybe this could also be effective. I don’t live in Haringey. I live in Hackney and I am very happy. I cannot understand why crime rates are so high. It is very interesting that some much crime is still happening in such a safe country. I think this decline will eventually rise again in Haringey because all the commercials business is usually in this region…


Now people want to settle in better quality places. I think people at Haringey have a serious lack of adaptation. Family’s from villages in Turkey come here continuing to live like they’re in the village… We are in England and we need to familiarize with here. I think that the main reason why people cannot break this away from this area is Turkish restaurants and Turkish food. I never want to live in Haringey, because when I go out I do not want to smell kebabs instead of oxygen. Haringey is always in the first place in criminal incidents…


I do not live in Haringey, but especially in this area, I know has a large Turkish society. There’s a lot of crime in Haringey. This poses a serious risk to the families. When young people are left vacant they join gangs … No family wants it. This is perhaps the biggest reason why the Haringey population has fallen. It is absolutely necessary for government to take various measures in this regard. More social opportunities should be provided to young people. Sports and young people in should be brought together. I believe that the crime rate can be reduced through education.


I live in Enfield. I’ve been in Tottenham before. Haringey is especially one of the boroughs where the Turkish community lives intensively. This area is preferred because of the many Turkish markets and Turkish restaurants in general. I think there may be a shift in the population. As I live in Enfield, I observe that our community is particularly interested in this area. I think this population decline will affect trade and the Haringey economy. For this reason, the council need to take the necessary precautions about these issues.

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