Regaip Kandil held at the Diyanet Vakfi mosque

THE program for Muslims holy night regaip kandil  was held at the Turkish Diyanet Vakfı Mosque.

THE program for Muslims holy night regaip kandil  was held at the Turkish Diyanet Vakfı Mosque.Regaip Kandili, the first important night of the three holy months, was held on the night of March 22nd, Thursday, after the evening prayer. Despite being on weeknight, the program, which took place with intense participation, there was readings from the Quran read by imam Isa Karadere and people from the mosque community.

In the program that started before the night prayer, imam Isa Karadere gave a sermon to Karadere. He told about the journey that will start from the mother’s womb and continue from to the afterlife

“The journey of man begins in the womb. The world comes from mother’s womb, journey continues. This temporary world will remain for a certain period of time, but the journey will not end. Kabir world, then resurrection, walk to the apocalyptic day on the Day of Resurrection; but the journey continues and it never ends.

When will the journey end? Till when the human goes to heaven or hell. The end is either heaven or hell; the journey of the person continues until one of the two roads is reached. The only place you can actively work and prepare for this journey is the world.

World life is the only opportunity for us to prepare for our real home, where we will actually go. World life is not a game place. World life is not just a place to save for goods and property. Our Prophet says: “A wise man is the one who makes the account without death, who builds up his life, and prepares his minstrel.” There will be none of the people we have been in this mosque with after 100 years at the most.”

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