Time to recognise your roots

TURKS and Relatives Communities with the partial support of the Presidency “Gurbetten Sılaya recognition of our roots” project where 25 people between the ages of 18-25 (Turks and mixed families) will be traveling to Turkey on Easter holiday. Eating, accommodation and travel will only cost £150 as a contribution towards the total cost. In the excursion program; Istanbul, Izmit, Abant, Ankara, Konya and Nevşehir have Peribacaları. Acceptance in the project where the quota is limited will be made according to the order of application.

For application;

1- Photocopy of passport or TC identity, contact information (e-mail, mobile)

2- To Lloyds Bank Nottingham Turkish Community account

£ 150 receipt copy

IBAN: GB93 Loyd 3098 9016 5760 68

Account No: 16576068

Sort Code: 30-98-90

You need to send the necessary documents to nottinghamturkishcommunity@gmail.com. You can call 0741 750 4902 for all your inquiries.

Nottingham Turkish Community President Mehmet Emin Aydinbas stated the purpose of the trip: “With the project of recognising our roots in life with the support of the International Turks and Relative Communities Presidency, Turkish or mixed families 18-25-year-olds living in the UK will be able to travel to their homeland, we aim to introduce Evliya Çelebi, whose literature is important for the Turkish population..

We would like to organize this journey to strengthen the ties between our young people living in England with Turkish history, culture, literature, music and social values and to provide Turkish identity and reduce the effect of assimilation the most. Our project our pupil Turkey Istanbul, the capital Ankara, Konya and Mevlana city of world cultural heritage will take place in Nevsehir. By asking each traveller to write in their travel book, their impressions, their feelings and impressions; we aim to make the memories of our youth permanent and root out the feelings of belonging to the motherland. Our county is limited to 25 young people.”

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