Yunus Emre Institution’s starts new author series

ON THE 15th February the first session of Yunus Emre Institution author’s series took place with the “Echoes of Love”.

Dr Mehmet Karakuş made the opening speech, welcoming Mr. Nigel Humphreys, a member of the Welsh Academy and author of three critically acclaimed collections of contemporary verse. The avant-garde poet and slam organiser, Michael Dante, along with the renowned publisher, performer and gentleman author, Mr. Jonathan Wood. The evening was chaired by Dr David Parry. All three poets discussed topic like language, loss and passion in literature on the night, as well as their personal experiences and reading pieces of their works.

One of the ideas that Nigel Humphrey introduced in the Q&A section was that poems should not be limited by style or structure anything can be one, so long as the ‘writer’ and ‘reader’ interpret the scene as such. One of the poems Michael Dante recited was about Alan Kurdi, the Syrian boy that unfortunately drowned in the Mediterranean Sea during the Syrian refugee crisis in 2015.

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