Water fountains in London to cut back on plastic


NEW PLANS for a network of water fountains for the capital have proposed to cut back on the amount of plastic bottled used. In the few short weeks of 2018 it’s clear to see that the UK is pushing to reduce the amount of plastic we use.

This real environmental issue has now see new systems to cut back on the use of plastic which has seen the 5p plastic bag now apply to all shop not those that employee more the 250 people, some big name shops are now pledging to use only recycled plastic or charge for takeaway cups. The UK has now banned the use of plastic microbeads which can be found in products such as cosmetic, toothpaste and shower gels in the effect to fight the ever growing plastic problem.

A pilot scheme will began in the summer, with 20 new drink fountains to be installed across London busiest hot-spots and shopping areas.

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