“This is how I see it appropriate”


ZERRIN Tekindor, a theatre actress, participated in The ‘Art’ event on December 5, the anniversary of Turkish women’s gaining the right to vote.

AMC Productions and the UK Women’s Platform (IKP) organised the ‘Art’ event saw successful theatre actress Zerrin Tekindor join their conversation club on the December 5th . In the event at The Lion & Key Hotel, looked at arts and women.

In the Tekindor talk, she said, “The women I created in my pictures, the big eyes, the furs, the cuffs … Everything is big and too much. That’s what those extremities emphasize. So I’m trying to tell you that the woman is an individual who can say ‘I see fit like this’. The print is a symbol of opposition to oppression. Women are under constant pressure in society. She should not laugh loudly in the community, shouldn’t do this, shouldn’t do that. The women in the picture are brave women, women how they want to be. Women who express themselves. I mean women I want to be … “.

From the guests ‘you leave beautiful traces behind you ‘ Tekindor who responds with a sweet toughness ‘I do not want to leave a trace, I want to be scattered like a leaf to mingle with the soil. She also added, “Don’t make me carry Santa’s sack on my back”.

The artist, who defines not as being the half of a tied knot, but as two different tangents look at it, the artist has to ‘try to be valuable, not to be famous, but to be valuable’ ‘I am very shame to say that I should always be open to learning’. Besides, there is no use for photographing in restaurants or shopping. “

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