Böke, visits CHP England Representation centre

CHP İzmir deputy Selin Sayek Böke visited CHP’s representation centre in London. CHP President of the UK Union Hasan Dikme and Böke, who met with various parties, then gave a brief talk on the agenda in Turkey.

Böke, who made various comments on the budget announced in Turkey, said that the government wants to increase the high debt, which is already too high, and it is uncertain where to spend it. “If you want your child to pay 100 pounds for example and you do not know where to spend it, did you give? At the moment, the summary of the increase requested by the government in the budget is totally wrong. This debt is a debt that we all owe and that we will all pay out of our pocket.

Of course we are against this demand. This budget is not a budgetary progressive Turkey but a budget that complicates progressive Turkey. In our minds, we are giving this struggle in parliament, but to build a politics that will transform the prescription of politics, namely the tax policy, the different borrowing policy, the different growth policy. This policy cannot be limited to a struggle within the parliament. We have seen in many instances that this is not so successful when it is so, but it is successful with social opposition. I need to remember this because we need to know where our power lies.

If you remember sexual harassment law came out a couple of months ago from the justice minister’s bag and said the law was a law that forbids those found to be sexually abusive, that is, criminals, if they marry young people and children they are harassing. The Deputies of the Republican People’s Party prevented that night from going there. Now this is something we have to do because it is our duty, but more importantly, we have created the opportunity for the society to discuss this law as it prevents it from happening there.

If the work stayed there, we would have changed the justice, if only with the struggle we had in our parliament, the three words changed, a sentence was rewritten, brought back, and the majority passed by hand. But what happened? In all the cities in Turkey, all political opinion women went out to the streets and said they do not want this law to be put out.

What happened? The law has not passed. So what we need is that the struggle given by a duty obligation in the assembly must be supported by social opposition by the individual with a duty obligation,” she said.

Böke stated that they will work harder for a liveable country with justice. “If we do not want our children, our children, to leave a struggle for tomorrow, we must all perform our duties. The march of justice is perhaps a little late. However, this reason certainly does not affect the value and importance. Certainly, Turkey and the world are also a movement that has met millions of people in a short time, which has brought a serious voice in the sense of seeking justice and rights.”

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